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Behind The Scenes Of Adele’s Powerful ‘30’ Campaign

Adele’s fourth studio album 30 came out on November 19, 2021. And just like that it broke records in sales and streams, becoming a huge milestone for the British talent as well as anyone aspiring to reach her level of success. 30 was a long way coming, with several years in the works. It wasRead More

Top 3 Music PR Agencies Ranked

Music promotion is quite the buzzing market today. And with hundreds of indie artists joining the scene every week, the competition is becoming tougher. Music PR uses several most common tactics to deliver your music to the audience. Those include playlist promotion on platforms like Spotify, press promotion (getting story/coverage on your music in credibleRead More

DIY Marketing Vs Hiring A PR Firm

Music is one of the most competitive markets in the world. You certainly know that on Spotify alone, more than 40,000 tracks are distributed each day! Therefore, to stand out, you will have to market your music, build a solid audience, and give yourself visibility. This is called music marketing. And either you train yourselfRead More

How To Know If A PR Firm Is Legit Or A Fraud?

Music promotion agencies, or Music PR Firms create, manage and implement advertising and promotion campaigns for artists’ new music or events. They take care of public relations to maximize the exposure of an artist’s releases or tours. Many independent artists, finding these tasks time-consuming or not knowing exactly how to do it, choose to appealRead More

How Does Music Marketing Work?

The events sector has suffered from the pandemic. As a result, many concerts have been canceled or even postponed. Until today, the promotion of an artist is more and more challenging as the public is in a perpetual quest for novelty. It is therefore essential for musicians to develop a marketing strategy adapted to theirRead More