DIY Marketing Vs Hiring A PR Firm

Music is one of the most competitive markets in the world.

You certainly know that on Spotify alone, more than 40,000 tracks are distributed each day!

Therefore, to stand out, you will have to market your music, build a solid audience, and give yourself visibility. This is called music marketing. And either you train yourself to have these skills (which is quite feasible), or you pay a coach to teach you the science and processes behind it. 

The other solution is to pay a PR company to do the work for you. Be aware that if you are a beginner, it will not necessarily be of much use. You will have to go through the “audience target” phase! A press officer can only sell your music and vision as an artist. If you don’t have anything of quality to pitch, nor a small, highly engaged fanbase that follows you, you might end up scattering your money to the wind. To keep in mind, a good PR costs around $1500 per month.

Since we live in modern times, the use of social media makes it possible to spend money on promoting your music directly to a specifically targeted audience, through Facebook and Instagram advertising. And that you can do on your own. And it will cost you less than paying for the services of a PR. You can also do your own promotion on Youtube. And you can directly contact media, influencers, playlisters, journalists on platforms like Submithub.

Now, if you really don’t feel that you have the necessary expertise, or don’t have the time at all to devote to your own promotion, you will have to turn to a music PR agency that will do the work for you.

These companies offer their expertise to use the various social media platforms to promote your music to a wider audience. Generally, the budget you pay is spent on digital advertising, by targeting the right audience and the right areas of interest, so that your music is broadcast to as many possibly interested potential fans.

A good social media marketing company should ask you for a budget. It usually takes your budget and spends it on various platforms and influencers to get views on your video and engagement depending on the contract. Its fees are usually a percentage of your ad spend.