Oil coming out of crankcase breather harley

The check ball on the oil pump may stick or leak allowing oil from the tank to fill the crankcase. Therefore the opening and closing times are not determined by crankshaft position. The S&S engine is based on the Harley Evo motor, and oil control is Case breather means the breathers come out of the cases low down,  The engine must vent the pressure built up in the crankcase by the ascending and But when overwhelmed will let oil out of the engine along with the air. Knowing what symptoms can be caused by crankcase breather problems can make repair a quick and easy job, getting your mower back into service without a lot of hassle or expense. In order for the PCV system to sweep fumes out of the crankcase, the crankcase must have a source of fresh, clean air, called the crankcase breather. The purpose is to route oil mist contained in the crankcase ari that is vented into the engine to be burned. Oil Dripping from Harley Air Cleaner. I just finished a restore on a 1958 XLH. Now, the breather situation. It is a continuous stream. H 2 O, check the crankcase breather system for blockage or any damage to the breather, inlet, or outlet tubes. Crankcase breather blocked or hose pinched. My lines run from the oil tank into the motor and then from the return to the oil filter and back into the oil tank. The oil that is coming out is not a steady stream at first (spits and sputters) but as it runs it gets more constant. - the oil return from the filter to the return fitting on the tank. This allows the blow-by gases to be vented through a PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve out of the crankcase. . Thus, the oil blows out the crankcase breather or air cleaner in copious amounts. The straight one is the oil return from the bottom rear of the primary. I relaped valves and replaced all the gaskets I could and put it back together. Am I correct and if so how do I fix the problem? I have a lot of oil coming out of my crankcase breather, 1992 harley, ultra classic tour glide. After the bike has sat for awhile, oil seeps through the check valve and fills the crankcase, which on a Harley V-twin is normally a dry sump. several ways to do it . It will be forced out the one-way breather valve, up the breather hose, and into the air cleaner assembly. Troubleshooting A Crankcase Breather That Is Blowing Oil If your crankcase breather is passing oil, chances are that something's wrong (Okay, we know something's wrong, but don't be too alarmed). If a person stays off the throttle you will notice that the filter will not have near as much oil in it. Feuling makes an oil tank breather kit that releases power-robbing pressures from the oil tank and crankcase, reduces blow-by, helps prevent dipstick blowout and promotes proper oil flow to and from the remote oil tank. The lower one is the crankcase breather and is open to the atmosphere. If the engine is allowed to pressurize then you can lose performance. Harley-Davidson Recalls 46,000 Bikes For Oil Leak Now that we have that out of the way, this particular recall is no laughing matter. Save harley evo oil breather to get e-mail alerts and 5. I can't find evidence of the breather. I have friend that got a Delkron Time-N-Space Tool and I got a brand new S&S Breather Gear Kit. When you crank or start the engine oil is then forced out the breather. The oil line routings are good. Over the past decade, the Bunn Breather Kits became a ubiquitous item of equipment for classic motorcycles around the world. Ive had the stock plastic crankcase breather valve shell out and cause excessive oil blowby  Dec 13, 2016 What do you call a Harley that doesn't leak? Empty. is not vented, or if it is vented back into the breather, you will find oil coming out . For this reason, if you suspect that your crankcase vent filter may be having an issue, have the vehicle serviced by a professional technician, such as one from YourMechanic. My bike was having problems with blowby, and continued to blow some oil out of that breather tube coming from the rear cylinder (the positive pressure tube). many of miles are on rings like 8500 miles I seen blowby past both rings when I last had engine apart 1 week ago to clean piston grooves. As a engine runs the crankcase will build up air pressure and that tube vents it into the air cleaner. oil seals, dip stick, filler cap, etc. Took nose cone back off and verified that the plastic oil separator was still in nose cone and still have the same problem. Combustion gas will not be good for your O-rings. Upon startup, the scavenging pump gets overwhelmed. When it is running I have oil pouring out of the crankcase breather. As any gas flow in the breather will all be going out, I don't think the filter will serve any purpose, other than to catch the last of the oil droplets and make a bit of a mess BTW my oil catch bottle is filled with SS pot scrubs to catch as much oil as possible Many common lawnmower issues can be traced back to a dirty, clogged or worn out crankcase breather or PVC valve. You may still get drips but it won't be on the cases Does the 65 crankcase have a breather? Just got this bike and the inner and outer primary have been replaced with early style repops. Fitting rod bearings is on the advanced list of Harley mechanicing. Chief among these is the tendency of Harley Davidson motorcycles to have an apparent oil leak. Since I have had this Yamaha Timberwolf it has had the problem of blowing oil out the breather, Also if I am running it down a road and look back I can smell oil, So I assume its burning it as well, Plug is a light brown in color. Oil Sumping ’92 Heritage. do a seach on "wet sumping" hope this helps The hole puking oil in your video is the VENT to OIL TANK line, not the crankcase breather tube, which is located lower on the block. It replaces the stock valve, and has steel reed valves, which vent the crankcase pressure to the cam chest, on pistons downstroke, and creates a slight vacuum in the crankcase, from the pistons' upstroke, to completely eliminate the pressures that force oil out the head breathers, base gaskets,air cleaner, etc. In you 89 model, the crankcase breaths from behind the oil pump through a tube that runs to the backside of the air filter assembly. But it isn't reaching the oil If that were true, adding thicker oil to an oil burning engine would burn more oil (definitely not true). Oil coming out of the breather is natural and normal, with basically no way to stop it. Once there, the only way it can get out is through the drain tube on the bottom. ( it is a "dry sump motor) easy fix . My old 1983 shovel is spewing oil on the ground when it hasn't been started for a while (a week or more). The answer takes the fun out of Harley's but it blows oil when your wrapping it out for fun. Quoted direcly from the "]Oil Leaks - [sign in to see URL]" page: "In a perfect world, you would only have a slight oil mist coming out of the crankcase breather which could easily be routed into the air cleaner, aiding the filter's ability to capture dust particles before they enter the engine and also keeping the Safety Nazis at the [sign in to see URL]. Why is there oil in my air filter? Honda today revealed I see that some here have attached an air filter to the final outlet. I was having a problem with the oil disapearing. If it's not a lot, I wouldn't worry too much, if it is a lot I'd check the oil level first. This occurs as a result of oil leaking out from the air cleaner assembly. It’s totally normal — Bill Harley and Artie Davidson designed bikes that were going to be ridden, not parked for months at a clip. You may have too much oil in the tank trapping oil in the crankcase, draw some out of the tank and see if it comes back up and quits blowing it out the breather. If so, then I say the engine's been converted to kickstart and the dowel for the starting gear was removed, leaving a large gap between the left crankcase cover and the only hole going into the breather chamber. Check the breather hose. Well, CC has covered most of the likely concerns Blowing oil is usually caused by too high an oil level, either from overfill or from flooding with gasoiline due to a leaking inlet needle in teh carb (fuel flows into carb, seeps past intake valve into cylinder, seeps past piston rings into oil, raising level, thinning oil, causing trouble). Breather. ? Update: It's been setting for about a month, and it leeked out about 2oz of oil befor i turned it off. venting the crankcase to open air by running the vent line up and out of sight  Feuling Parts store specializes in precision aftermarket Harley-Davidson parts and engine performance. Firstly, I need to let you all know that my knowledge about engines is at best, stuff all. My suggestion is to change your oil, because gas coming out of the crankcase breather means your oil is also contaminated. You stated in your original post that there is dirty hot air spewing into your air box. the motor was properly broken in, oil changes were done correctly. motor runs great, plugs are not oil fould. It is called "wet sumping" I/e the bikes sits for awhile ,and the oilbag drains into the crankcase. Routing the Breather Hose Into the Air Cleaner: Many Harley  Jan 6, 2016 The crankcase ventilation system works to relieve any pressure from the a PCV valve and sometimes a crankcase ventilation filter or breather filter. 14. when you start it, the way too much oil in the crankcase is forced out of the :breather . That is provided there is enough oily crankcase fumes coming out the rear head to make a difference. The fumes coming from the crankcase are then recirculated back into  My Bike is leaking alot of oil threw the breather. To keep excess oil from building up in the primary, there is a drain at the bottom of the primary which allows the oil to drain out and down a tube onto the rear chain, thus lubricating it as well. We'll I have been riding the pan around the neighbor hood , but got brave yesterday. The crankcase breather has a one-way valve. I modified the crankcase breather line because of the beneficial effect of not draining oil from the tank into the bottom of the engine, and to keep from blowing oil out of the tank during high rpm engine operation. I've seen it happen with exhaust gas and worn piston rings where exhaust gasses actually shoot into the crankcase and come out the port. Directing it to the chain would not keep it from going to the environment. For two reasons 1: hot oil drains out quicker and 2: the oil is mostly scavanged into the tank when hot so less sitting in the crankcase making it less likely to be overfilled. - the breather hose can have many things done with it and still function. Around town that works out OK, but on the highway at 95 degrees and 80 mph, wind velocity atomizes oil and makes a hell of a mess. Kx 125 Oil coming out of exhaust ALOT Oil Dripping THICK from muffler exhaust connection The oil misting out the crankcase is just plain killing me at this point. Most Harley products (especially older) go through oil faster the thinner it gets, a lot of it coming out the breather! Maybe I tried over simplifying everything. Then it will migrate through the breather hose on the air box. We look inside the all-new engine and ride the 2017 H-D touring motorcycles. A fair number of bike's will have crankcase ventillation hoses which connect to the air box. - the vent from the crankcase to the vent on the tank. For more information about your issue and valuable "FREE" downloads that you will need for viewing or printing please click on the blue links below. It wasn't just a couple of ounces as in a sumping issue but half the tank was drained out. The car, during its normal function, creates a variety of gasses which can escape the piston rings. Imagine yourself trying to breathe with a rag stuck down your throat, and then you pulled it out. The crankcase breather, located inside the engine, is a pipe which releases gasses trapped in the engine compartment. Well I replaced the petcock and always leave it off but today when I parked after 30 mins or so i noticed a leak out of my crank case breather and after smelling it there was a strong gas smell. At this point, instead of drawing fresh air into the breather and vanquishing the crankcase pressure through the PCV valve, the internal pressure is vented out the breather, possibly resulting in Oil flow out of the rocker cover breather hoses should not ordinarily be a problem with the XR1200. i changed filter and replaced all oil lines cleaned out the oil tank and cooler. Harley air cleaners, hanging off the side of the bike, are considerably more visible than their multi-cylinder counterparts, so any airbox oil that's found its way out is much more noticeable. Tappet housing busted so replaced both housings, cam, oil pump, breather gear, and tappets. Hello All. If the bike has not been sitting and this is happening, we would suggest inspecting your oil pump. Is this the piston rings?oil level is not too full. The faster you go the longer you drive the more oil is forced out. I need some help figuring out why all of a sudden i am getting so much oil blowby. Got it running and then I started having an issue with a steady stream of smoke coming out of my crankcase breather tube after the engine warms up. If you have 3 hoses connected to your oil tank, one of them is the crankcase breather. - the oil feed fitting on the tank to the oil inlet on the pump. At 60 mph ride in 100 plus temperature here in the desert I have oil spewing out of the crankcase breather hose, this hose runs from the crankcase behind the cylinders up the frame tube and ends up just below the seat on the right hand side. Fast V- Twin Air Cleaner Crankcase Breather & Bracket Kit for 2007-Up Harley Sportster. The crankcase ventilation system vents crankcase pressure into the air cleaner as required by the EPA. FLHTom1948. Therefore, it becomes imperative that a crankcase ventilation system is used. Venting directly into the air cleaner, especially a free-flowing air cleaner, often results in an oily mess on the side of the bike. Unlike the rotary breather valve that has been used in Harley- Davidson® big twin engines since the 1930's, the S&S crankcase breather reed valve is not dependent on the rotation of the crankshaft to make it open and close. valve and fills the crankcase, which on a Harley V-twin is normally a dry sump. The problem of oil blowing out of the breather is a separate problem from evacuating the crankcase to reduce oil leakage. face plate but the air from the head does not flow to the carb. Is there a better way to vent the crankcase in this situation? Is the oil pump working properly scavenging oil and pumping oil? - Peter Perry/via email With out a vent you are forcing the crankcase pressure out the pan ,this pressurized air picks up all the spray oil particles in the crankcase and drags them out the breather port creating an oil fog. Whilst on the track during a recent practise day (dirt speedway), a large amount of smoke came out of the crankcase breather filter so I quickly returned to the pits and found that oil had been spat out all over the place. But you are telling me there is not enough blow-by. H 2 O, no further troubleshooting is required. You said you directed it at the chain so the oil coming out of your breather would land on the chain. That is called sumping, and happens because the check  Aug 13, 2005 Exhaust System Topics - Oil pumping out the crankcase breather tube. Trace your lines. we haven't noticed any sign of decrease in performance. During acceleration the compression of the engine will push oil past the rings, into the crankcase. 1956 KH with too much oil in I have a lot of oil coming out of my crankcase breather, 1992 harley, ultra classic tour glide. Ok, my turn to guess Does it only pump oil out when its been WOT for a while? Such as in a TT race. It runs fine despite the smoke coming out t he breather tube!~ My question is what makes smoke pour out of the valve cover breather tube Thanks [a] If the engine crankcase pressure is less than 5 in. They are/were a research-based range of “bolt on” devices to control crankcase pressures and air flows; with the aim of cutting oil leaks and power losses, along with conserving irreplaceable classic and vintage motorcycle crankcases. The sump outlet is below the scavenge pump inlet so the oil has to flow uphill to get to the pump to return to the oil tank. This is especially true if the gases coming out of the breather hole carry with them a strong stench of raw gasoline. The oil is coming out of the head breathers from both heads. I'm going to put the breather gear and breather gear timing to bed once and for all. Kuryakyn Crankcase Breather For Harley. This is typical after a bottom breathing bike sits for a prolonged period of time. It originally was routed to the rear of the transmission to discharge mist onto the rear chain. low RPM until the rings seat and oil stops coming out of the breather. There is enough oil coming out of that hose to require an oil catch can. If the bike is overfilled with oil, or perhaps some other condition exists which is causing oil to be sent through the crankcase breather into the air box. is the oil coming out the breather element/mesh or at the seal? You may just want to try a tighter grommet if that's where it's coming out. Electric Harley-Davidsons Are Coming—"Eventually" It also has to build pressure in the crankcase to blow the extra oil out and into the air filter. I understand where they're coming from. Powerful spikes in crankcase pressure are a classic sign of a blown head gasket, or a cracked engine block. To achieve this, the crankcase air inlet is usually ducted from the engine's air intake manifold, downstream Air filter. Nothing came out of my breather pipe when I ran the bike. Having said that, an extremely high vacuum in the crankcase could make it difficult for the pump to remove oil via the pickup tube, so your oil pressure spike when you removed the fill cap makes sense. How To Deal With The Oil Blowby Phenomenon. In addition, piston engines operated in very cold conditions aloft sometimes have the oil breather line iced If its a mid 90's Evo, some oil will drip out the air cleaner due to the vent dumping in there. . Problem is that is leaking oil like crazy. The oil is a normal Harley happening. The the engine ran fine until I had to pull it to replace the starter. The tube that the liquid is coming out of is the crankcase vent. MKL's '98 1200C. Bluegrass Breather Kits Unfortunately, almost all Harley-Davidson engines that vent the crankcase through the cylinder heads also expel oil through the same passages. I noticed some oil deposits in crankcase breather filter and a little has collected at the bottom of the crankcase breather housing. With this breather, as oil-laden air condenses in the breather body, the excess oil now runs back down into the engine rather than into the air cleaner for a really clean setup. I use a sanitary napkin (liner) in the lower portion of the air cleaner & change it out with each oil change. SOURCE: 89 Harley FLTCU oil coming from the crankcase breather tube and This is an age old problem for the Harley engine. I have checked and I have oil coming out of the return on the motor. 0 out of 5 Wet sumping is one possible answer. Most recently I parked the bike with the petcock on for 3 weeks and my oil was FLOODED with gasoline. It stands to reason that check valve on the crankcase vent could cause a vacuum to get pulled on Dry sump oil pumps that can pull a vacuum when used in conjunction with low tension oil rings are  Unfortunately, almost all Harley-Davidson engines that vent the crankcase so gravity can keep any expelled oil droplets in the engine where they belong. [b] If the engine crankcase pressure is greater than 5 in. Oil will still come from the breather; how much depends on the model, Combat Commandos being the worst. Oil comes gushing out the breather. happy by depositing the oil back into Harley-Davidson unveils its eight-valve Big Twin in 107- and 114-inch variants. did not notice any smoke during Ok, pretty wimpy oil return on the old things, I would advise using the stock style weird material filters. Oil in the air filter or housing is known as blow-by and it can be caused by several different reasons that should be corrected immediately as Now when I turn over the starter. The only thing I see is what appears to be a bolt (approx 5/16) inserted flush in the lower case. A bit of oil coming out the breather from time to time ain't too bad a thing I tore my engine apart to replace gaskets because it was leaking oil. This oil leak actually turns out to be the result of what is sometimes known as an oil blow-by phenomenon. On a stock bike, the primary chain is lubricated by engine oil that is sprayed into the primary by an engine breather. Some oil will always come out of the breather. The only other option is to put an external breather kit on to keep the oil out of the air cleaner. 0 out of 5 stars. Save shovelhead oil breather to get e-mail alerts and updates on your Harley Shovelhead 73-84 Evo Oil Pump 84-91 Oem Bottom Breather See more 5. I have a oil filter behind the oil tank on the primary side. Get a clean pan, drain the crankcase, then refill it with the oil to JUST BELOW the full mark. The video you are showing has nothing to do with the carburetor. An oil saturated air filter or a puddle of oil in your air filter box seems like a strange occurrence by all means considering that its the last thing you would expect to find. This can be seen through the lower inspection hole. You also stated a noticable increase in performance and fuel economy after removing the breather from the air box. once back in, after a couple hours i discovered it is blowing oil into the air cleaner through the breather tube marked in the photo and item #16 in the part pic. One of the reasons the breather needs to be there is combustion gas that blows past the rings. I understand and repaired the oil pump check valve ball and stopped the oil draining out of the tank. Oil leaks are one of the symptoms most commonly associated with a bad  As the oil passages become clogged it becomes difficult for oil to drain from the top of the engine down into the crankcase, cause oil to build up and pool inside  Answer: Actually oil coming out the breather may not be a problem at all. I took it on a 80 mile run. Oil has sumped into the bottom of your crankcase and is blowing out of the breather line. intake. it's a pretty noticeable amount of white smoke. There is about 1/2 qt of oil in the bottom end of an engine, as the pistons travel downwards, the air that is under them is being pressurized and is vented out of the engine by a rotary breather valve in the case. That’s the kind of difference a new Harley breather kit can make for the efficiency and performance of your Harley-Davidson air intake & fuel systems. When the motor is started is expells the oil out the crankcase vent line onto the ground. It could have been accumulating a little at a time with all the other riding and finally reached a saturation point where it leaked out. The volume of oil remains the same, it simply gets circulated. I took it back apart this morning and it seems that it's coming out of the breather and dumping out the bottom of the primary. The sealing ability of the piston rings can be checked by using a leak-down tester. Here are some things to look for while you're searching for the source of the issue: As it mixes with the oil, the gas/oil mix will rise until above the crankcase breather level. Nov 24, 2013 There is a hole in the crankcase filter assembly where the oil gets pushed out which in turn gets sucked into the velocity stacks and gets mixed  Shop now for Motorcycle & Harley Air Cleaner Breather Kits & Parts. 16 Harley-Davidson Maintenance FIGURE 16—The piston is shown … Fetch Doc While the rocker cover breather lines really should not pass any significant oil, the breather line that connects the oil tank to the engine case will pass quite a bit of oil when the engine is rev'ving. Yes, there is a breather gear in the crankcase but that is for the oil return to the oil pump. Big problem or little problem? Answer: Actually oil coming out the breather may not be a problem at all. A few things can cause excessive blow-by apart from worn cylinders or rings. It is a large amount of oil in a very short time. The crankcase filter is one of the few components of the crankcase ventilation system, and is therefore important in maintaining full functionality of the system. I carried out the 1200 upgrade on my wife's 883 Sportster, 1997 model. It has to go somewhere. Would someone pls clarify what an oil breather does? I'm brushing up on my oil breather pressure and temp guages, but need to understand in more detail the function of the oil breather first. The breather system vents inside the air cleaner housing, into the back of the filter, which has been removed for this photo. It keeps the oil off the engine. The next morning when I check the oil I will have 1/3 less oil then the day before. I did something like this on my Harley because there was enough oil mist to soak the air filter and drip on to the chrome lifter covers and chrome cam chest cover. This is what is supposed to happen with motor oil. this is on a built motor and just recently got tuned. Some guys run a hose straight down to drip on the ground. Blow by will increase the amount of oil coming out the breather/PCV line. Hey Terry did you find out why where you leaking oil out the fly wheel my 2010 pro star with a isx is doin the same thing but I put a breather in the inspection hole about 2 months before I noticed blue smoke coming out the exhaust pipe I’m goin to remove the breather I put on it I haven’t done it yet but do you have any suggestions The crankcase breather breathes more than clean oil and clean air. Both crankcase pressure and oil pump pressure (including a vacuum on the sealed passage between the two areas) work together to push oil out of the crankcase. If all the points noted above are good (rings-breather valve-etc), you'll have to live with it or reroute your vent tube to under the bike and put a filter on the end of it. Once you get the push rods and cam cover off, you put the this collar on the crank shaft. The oil coming out of the breather tube at that point will slow down considerably, but will not stop. One of the most common "problems" with Sportsters is the so-called "oil blowby phenomenon," which is when oil leaks out of the air cleaner assembly and drips out all over the engine and your right leg. This area of the crankcase is lubricated with engine oil through a breather valve from the engine crankcase. Harley Breather Kits & Components. we're doing some trouble shooting on a car that is smoking from the crankcase vent and also the oil cap while the car is running/idle. They are attached to the carb. I have a 1986 Heritage with an S & S lower end. Classic Harley Breather Assembly Installed Early Shovelhead to the end of the rubber hose coming out of the breather assembly. If I were not to add oil, after 3 days it would no longer show on my dipstick. Although system details vary, one solution was to plumb the breather into the air cleaner. I think it is because oil is seeping past the check valve ball in the oil pump and into the crankcase. 91 soft tail, exceseve oil coming from crankcase breather. g. Good luck and have a wonderful day. The excess oil collects in the sump and returns to the oil storage tank via the oil return pump. After driving about ten miles every bit of my oil puked out through the crankcase breather tube. Drag cars that are always at WOT actually just use a header evac system to draw out the fumes instead of a vacuum port precisely for the reason John mentioned. It is connected to the crankcase breather passage to create suction and return the oil. On that engine if you follow that tube it go's to the valve cover. WHAT A MESS: crankcase pressure/oil breather question (long) Check here for details We put an orifice of 1/4 inch into the breather line between the oil tank and the intake plenum. What causes oil to blow out of the crankcase breather tube on a Harley 1340 cc motor when started after it has set - Answered by a verified Motorcycle Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. … read more Vocational, Technical or Trade Scho Most recently I parked the bike with the petcock on for 3 weeks and my oil was FLOODED with gasoline. Oct 5, 2010 As the motor turns the oil is pumped out the case breather not sent back to the tank. (I am not sure about the exact inner diameter). The oil level is right with the bike upright checked hot level just below filler spout,always run the engine upto hot before changing the oil. Make sure that the spinning element in the breather is not locked up or Excessive crankcase pressure can furthermore lead to engine oil leaks past the crankshaft seals and other engine seals and gaskets. Feuling Beehive and Reaper products sold exclusively  . The return gerotors are taller than the feed gerotors. 4 product ratings - Vtwin Crankcase Billet Canister Breather Set Harley Davidson Evo If an engine’s breathing system should become blocked or restricted, the crankcase will pressurise causing any one or more of the following problems: The oil/air mix will force its way out through any other convenient exit e. I recently replaced my cam and after I bolted it back up and started it oil is coming out of the crankcase breather. The crankcase breather has been moved to the camshaft inspection hole. oil coming out of crankcase breather harley

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